About John Cornish III



I started in the Financial Services Industry over 27 years ago helping Business Owners, Professionals, Pre-retiree's and Retirees with all of their Financial Solutions.  Along the way, I managed to squeeze in a career in Law Enforcement and meet my number one supporter, my wife.  


I came from a family of Public Servants, and Military, however my greatest life lesson came from watching my father, John Cornish Jr. drive a truck for 40 years. 


I actually watched him work most of his entire adult life, only to then outlive his retirement. I found that there are investment options available to help eliminate that from happening with other families.  


Over the years my clients became family offices, and trade companies. I developed a passion for helping them obtain global access to other contemporaries, services and processes which enables them to continue to have exponential worldwide growth.  

Our group has extensive relationships with family dynasties, royal families, institutional and quasi-institutional capital markets partners. These relationships have cultivated trillions of dollars in investments structured, and humanitarian projects across Europe, CIS, North America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Coordination is provided via our Private Office. 


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