1. Consultation

Through a complimentary consultation we engage in an open dialogue about your goals, objectives, and concerns. 

To complete this stage we set up a secure and confidential way for you to share information with us and extensively review that information.

2. Planning

As a result of our analysis we discuss a proposal which 

  • Summarizes the challenges, concerns, and issues you shared with us initially and those we have discovered

  • Outlines our recommended solutions 

  • Quantifies the benefits, costs, timeline to implement, and critical paths for each solution 

Upon engaging MDL we coordinate with our Advanced Planning network and your advisory team to ensure timely implementation

3. Execution

Each custom solution will have its own set of ongoing management requirements. We will manage these processes on your behalf, as well as set a checkpoint schedule with your family/business advisory team to keep everyone on the same page.

4. Ongoing Management

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