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WARNING, FBI-INTERPOL-ICC LAW:  This is a very important message to anyone involved in the commodities industry and transactions, with respect to BUYERS and SELLERS.  If an ICPO, Commercial Invoice, SCO/FCO, LOI, RWA, SBLC, BG or BCL is issued, AND THE PRODUCT OR DOCUMENTATION IS NOT REAL, FALSE OR FRAUDULENT,  the FBI, ICC, INTERPOL, and/or the Russian Oil Ministry (Ministry of Energy) shall be notified, as may be applicable. 


In addition, after a Commercial Invoice has been issued to a buyer, should it not be signed, or a response not made in a prompt manner, or should the BUYER fail to perform, the BUYER, or buying company will be reported to the FBI, ICC and INTERPOL.  Likewise, should a SELLER not respond or perform in a timely manner, they will be reported to the appropriate authority/authorities, for failure to perform, in violation of the NCNDA, CI, ICPO, FCO, SBLC, BCL or RWA, as applicable

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